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While on hiatus from class, here are some virtual places to visit...

isn't technology great?!?

Fresno Unified School District...Exercise your Brain!

Accessing Online​ Core Digital Resources ​​

Many curricula online learning applications are available through Clever. ​Students can also access their digital curricula through their Student Portal. When logging into a Curriculum site like Wonders or GoMath, students will need to use their full email address for the Username, including For example:

​Students utilize these links on a frequent basis in their classrooms. Student Usernames and Passwords are located on their report cards. ​Please note: Quarter 3 report cards will be mailed home.

Alternative Learning Pathways (ALPS) are also located on this page. Simply scroll down on the page and click Grades 7-8

If they have forgotten email/password please contact me via email and I can get it to you! (

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Remember Hour of Code™ ?

Remember back in December when we completed Hour of Code™ ? Well don't stop there! Visit the link below and choose a project to complete!

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20 Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are a great way to expose kids to new places all from the comfort of home. In this age of technology, so many museums, zoos and aquariums have set up virtual tours and webcams of their facilities. Now more than ever, is it easier to visit destinations around the world from the comfort of your couch.


Visit some of the best art galleries in the world virtually. From Paris to New York to Amsterdam, kids can see priceless works of art from the world’s most famous artists.


  • Choose a favorite painting or sculpture and create a copycat piece of art.

  • Research an artist. This is a great book about some amazing artists kids should know about (affiliate link).

  • Choose a piece of art to focus on. Describe it, tell why you chose it and how it makes you feel.

  • Choose 2 works of art to compare.


Zoo webcams have allowed visitors to drop in on the habitats of some of the zoo’s favorite animal exhibits.



Just like with zoos, aquariums have used webcams to let you visit their exhibits virtually. In addition, some aquariums have set up virtual tours led by their staff to give visitors a more in depth look at their facility.



In this day and age, it is easier than ever to travel the world without leaving home.


  • Plan a trip to a new destination. What would you do, see, eat?

  • Make a travel brochure for the destination you visited.

  • Write a postcard from that destination. Include details about the place and what you can see there.

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With everything being closed down here are some virtual Disney Rides...

Educational Resources

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings (Updated) : Amazing Educational Resources

Here is a great list of resources to keep that brain charged!

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Typing, typing, typing!!!

And let's not forget typing! Every school day this year we have completed an assignment on! Don't forget to keep that very valuable skill intact.

You may still sign in to your account and practice at your leisure! Take a typing test or two or three, play one of many typing games or proceed with the lessons...or have your parents/guardians sign up for their own accounts and test their skills! ( is Multilingual!)

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