Designing an App


April 20 :: P1• P3 • P5 April 21 :: P2• P4


C: CONVERSATION...Mute your mic when not speaking and have camera on as much as possible. Voice level in class should be 1

H: HELP...Raise your hand by clicking the "Raise Hand" Button or raise hand In-Person!

A: ACTIVITY...Work on the assignment/Complete tasks on time

M: MOVEMENT...Stay in the Teams meeting and be present (But don't forget to stretch and use eye safety tips!)

P: PARTICIPATION...Use thumbs up and thumbs down for a yes or no response. Ask and Answer questions in the chat area or verbally when appropriate.

S: SUCCESS...Succeed in a virtual/hybrid space together! ASSIGNMENT! (Advanced: Accuracy Focus)


1. Log in to

2. Click Lessons

3. On Advanced Tab, Click Advanced: Accuracy Focus (this is due Friday, April 23): 10 Pts.

4. Begin Typing (Please DO NOT DO THE NEXT LESSON! It will RESET if you do!)

If you are finished or waiting, work on Clever!

  1. Students click on the Clever icon on the desktop

  2. Sign in using the username & password (same as logging into computer)

  3. Click on the square that says iReady

  4. Continue until time is up!

Lessons have been assigned to them based on their diagnostic test results both in Math and Reading. Within each lesson are brain break games. The district is pushing a goal of 45 minutes per week on Online Lessons in ELA and 45 minutes per week in Math to close the gaps found in the diagnostic. Math and ELA are providing some of that time during the week, but not all.


No need to sign in to today!

WHAT ARE WE LEARNING: App Development...Planning!

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Why is it important to plan out the design of an app? Planning can save time so the developers don't spend time designing faulty user interfaces. Planning can help the developers talk through and test out ideas with the users of the app.

HOW WILL MY TEACHER KNOW WHAT I LEARNED: Students brainstorm app ideas and sketch out user interfaces in preparation for the next lesson where they will return to App Lab.

ASSIGNMENT: Designing an App...Part 1

Due: April 21 :: 10 Points!

For this assignment, you will need a few sheets of paper and a pencil!

Now, you will create an app that teaches your classmates about any topic you find interesting. Along the way you’ll learn how to use many of the features of App Lab as well as skills that will help you when building more apps throughout this class.

Write down 3 topics that you find interesting.

Choose 1 (one) Topic

Think through your ideas. Pick a topic you are interested in teaching your classmates about. Explain in a few sentences what would be covered. For example, if your topic is Basketball, you would write a few sentences explaining that you would cover the rules and the origin of the sport.

Survey your classmates!

Now let's go to Padlet!

In the Padlet, write what your topic is.

Get feedback:

  • What do other students know about the topic?

  • What do they need or want to learn about your topic?

Create a Program Specification

Based on your research you identified requirements for what your app must teach your classmates.

Take a piece of paper and draw boxes (cell phone sized) and layout your app as you would like to design it!

You should draw a specification that shows how your app will actually run to meet those requirements. This means you should include all the buttons, text, and images that the user will be able to use.

Write notes or draw arrows showing how different user interface elements should work. For example, if clicking a button takes me to another screen, I should draw an arrow from that button to the drawing of the screen. (see below)

Things you MUST have in your APP:

  • Minimum of 3 screens (you can have more!)

  • Remember a title and instructions for your app (Home screen)

  • Includes images, audio and text on EACH screen

  • A clear and easy to navigate user interface (the user of your app will know what to do easily)

  • Clearly communicates information about YOUR topic

You will need to fill out the following form with questions about your app!

Once completed, click SUBMIT on the form


NOTE: IDK is NOT an answer!


Take a look at the prototype below.

As you draw your app, think of the buttons the user will click and what the output will be

This example is an APP with 3 screens. Note that each page has a HOME button to go back


Once you are done, please give a thumbs up in the chat!