Formatting Text

Wednesday, December 14 :: Typing :)


C: Voice Level 2 (only the people next to you can hear you and no shouting across the room)

H: Ask your team, elbow partner or raise hand

A: Work on the assignment

M: Stay in your assigned seat

P: Work till assignment is completed

S: Finishing your work


WHAT ARE WE LEARNING: Formatting Text!

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Formatted text is text that is displayed in a special, specified style. In computer applications, formatting data may be associated with text data to create formatted text. The purpose of formatted text is to enhance the presentation of information.

HOW WILL MY TEACHER KNOW WHAT I LEARNED: You will complete a formatting text assignment in MicroSoft Teams and turn it in! ​


  • Go to MicroSoft Teams

  • Select our Class

  • Click on Assignment

  • Select "December Text Formatting!" Assignment

  • Open MicroSoft Word Document attached in Teams

  • Follow the instructions below!

  • Once complete, document should automatically save...Click TURN IN


Congratulations! You have formatted text! Raise your hand to let me know you are done!