Let's Build a Website!

Interests Page!

December 4 :: P1• P3 • P5 December 7 :: P2• P4


C: CONVERSATION...Mute your mic when not speaking and have camera on as much as possible

H: HELP...Raise your hand by clicking the "Raise Hand" Button, or by inserting the emoji and/or type “raise hand” in the chat

A: ACTIVITY...Work on the assignment/Complete tasks on time

M: MOVEMENT...Stay in the Teams meeting and be present (But don't forget to stretch and use eye safety tips!)

P: PARTICIPATION...Use thumbs up and thumbs down for a yes or no response. Ask and Answer questions in the chat area or verbally when appropriate.

S: SUCCESS...Succeed in a virtual space together!

Typing.com ASSIGNMENT! (Q, Y & P Keys)


1. Log in to typing.com

2. Click Lessons

3. On Beginner Tab, Click Beginner: Q, Y and P Keys (this is due Friday, December 4): 10 Pts.

4. Begin Typing (Please DO NOT DO THE NEXT LESSON! It will RESET if you do!)

If you are finished or waiting, work on Clever!

  1. Students click on the Clever icon on the desktop

  2. Sign in using the username & password (same as logging into computer)

  3. Click on the square that says iReady

  4. Continue until time is up!

Lessons have been assigned to them based on their diagnostic test results both in Math and Reading. Within each lesson are brain break games. The district is pushing a goal of 45 minutes per week on Online Lessons in ELA and 45 minutes per week in Math to close the gaps found in the diagnostic. Math and ELA are providing some of that time during the week, but not all.

Remember to Log in!

webengals.com accounts!

You now have a webengals.com account for Google!

Login by going to accounts.google.com/Login

If your school email is abcd@fresnoU.org then your google account will be abcd@webengals.com

You password is the same as your computer/email password!

Watch the video below for complete instructions on how to log in!


WHAT ARE WE LEARNING: Website development!

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Web design is one of the jobs that will continue to be in demand

HOW WILL MY TEACHER KNOW WHAT I LEARNED: You will build your very own website and answer questions about its completion!


Watch the Video below for complete instructions!


  • 3 DIFFERENT Interests with Text (4 Points each x 3 interests = 12 Points)

  • 1 Photo for EACH Different Interest (3 Points each x 3 interests = 9 Points)

  • 1 HYPERLINK in each Interest section on Image or text (3 Points each x 3 interests = 9 Points)

TOTAL = 30 Points for the INTERESTS PAGE!

This assignment is worth 30 points! Make sure you COMPLETE all of the CRITERIA to get CREDIT! Don't rush...make good choices, remember this is YOUR website!

Once you are done, please give a thumbs up in the chat!