January 11 :: Classroom Expectations


C: Voice Level 2 (only the people next to you can hear you and no shouting across the room)

H: Ask your team, elbow partner or raise hand

A: Work on the assignment

M: Stay in your assigned seat

P: Work till assignment is completed

S: Finishing your work

Typing.com ASSIGNMENT!

Typing Test Tuesday :: Due TODAY :: included in the 10 Points


1. Log in to typing.com

2. Click TESTS (located on the top next to Lessons)

3. TAKE THE 5 (FIVE) MINUTE TYPING TEST (this is due TODAY): 10 Pts for the week (Test + Lesson).

4. Begin Typing !!

NOTE!!! No late TYPING will be accepted!!!!

If you are finished or waiting, work on Clever!

  1. Students click on the Clever icon on the desktop

  2. Sign in using the username & password (same as logging into computer)

  3. Click on the square that says iReady

  4. Continue until time is up!

Lessons have been assigned to them based on their diagnostic test results both in Math and Reading. Within each lesson are brain break games. The district is pushing a goal of 45 minutes per week on Online Lessons in ELA and 45 minutes per week in Math to close the gaps found in the diagnostic. Math and ELA are providing some of that time during the week, but not all.



Each QUARTER, during our class, YOU will ONLY have 2 (two) passes to use while in class to use the restroom or go get water...So use them wisely!

Once your passes are used, you will OWE time if you use time to go to the restroom/get water.*

*Time owed will equal the time spent out of class in lunch detention!

If you turn in your passes (one or both) at the end of the quarter,

EACH pass will be worth 5 Points of EXTRA CREDIT

(possible 10 Points extra credit!)!


What you NEED to know!!!!

WHAT ARE WE LEARNING: Online Classroom expectations ​

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: We are reentering from a 3 week break!!! Following the classroom expectations helps create a smooth transition... and it's a fun way to get to know one another! Expectations and rules guarantee the safety of students in the classroom. Equipment lasts longer and the classroom environment is more enjoyable. Finally, it leads to student success!​ ​

HOW WILL MY TEACHER KNOW WHAT I LEARNED: This week you answer questions as we learn more about our class!​

SPRING 2022 102 Expectations_Spring2022

Classroom Rules!

  • Food and drinks need to stay outside of class. Please put all items away COMPLETELY

  • Absolutely NO gum or candy is allowed

  • Student are to stay in assigned seats

  • Students are to complete assignments before games/free time (You will be instructed if there is free/game time)

  • Students are to stay at a voice level of TWO (2) or below

  • Violent video games are not to be played in class. No First Person Shooters

  • Music is allowed during independent work time but NO YouTube

  • You may come in to make up work as long as you are doing work in class. I will not stay after school if you choose to not do work in class.

  • YOU are responsible for all assignments even if you are absent.

  • If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy

  • If you are tardy, stop and use the restroom before coming to class

  • You MUST have your agenda to use the bathroom or go for water breaks