Tuesday, November 16 :: Website Design Challenge!!


C: Voice Level 2 (only the people next to you can hear you and no shouting across the room)

H: Ask your team, elbow partner or raise hand

A: Work on the assignment

M: Stay in your assigned seat

P: Work till assignment is completed

S: Finishing your work

Typing.com ASSIGNMENT!

Typing Test Tuesday :: Due TODAY :: included in the 10 Points


1. Log in to typing.com

2. Click Lessons

3. TAKE THE 5 (FIVE) MINUTE TYPING TEST (this is due TODAY): 10 Pts for the week (Test + Lesson).

4. Begin Typing !!

NOTE!!! No late TYPING will be accepted!!!!

If you are finished or waiting, work on Clever!

  1. Students click on the Clever icon on the desktop

  2. Sign in using the username & password (same as logging into computer)

  3. Click on the square that says iReady

  4. Continue until time is up!

Lessons have been assigned to them based on their diagnostic test results both in Math and Reading. Within each lesson are brain break games. The district is pushing a goal of 45 minutes per week on Online Lessons in ELA and 45 minutes per week in Math to close the gaps found in the diagnostic. Math and ELA are providing some of that time during the week, but not all.

Sign in to your webengals.com account! Login by going to accounts.google.com/Login

Remember, if your school email is abcd@fresnoU.org then your google account will be abcd@webengals.com...You password is the same as your computer/email password!

Website Design Challenge!


WHAT ARE WE LEARNING: Website planning!

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Your website is a vital part of your business’ marketing efforts, and it’s the virtual face of your company. This is why the Planning Phase is so important for any web project. It sets the tone and foundation for a successful website. Don't underestimate the importance of website planning!

HOW WILL MY TEACHER KNOW WHAT I LEARNED: You will build a new, school related website based on the items you have already learned!


You will be creating an interactive website! Today, we will be laying out our websites on paper!

Planning your website sets the tone and foundation for a successful website. Don't underestimate the importance of website planning!

Don't worry, drawing skill is not required to do this!

Based on the planning guides you have already completed, draw elements you would like to include on your school or community related website!

This website should explain a topic relevant to Gaston culture and climate. An important part of building a website is knowing the content that you’d like to include. Since this is your website, you will be able to decide what content you would like to share.


A content map is a plan to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time. Content mapping takes into account the characteristics of the person who will be consuming the content and their lifecycle stage


By creating content that appeals to your audience, you can be more effective in attracting that specific audience!


On the sheet handed out, choose one of the topics from your Planning Guide list and draw/sketch your website pages. Make sure that each page presents content in an interesting way! Try to think of ways to structure and style your content to better communicate and emphasize your message!

You may talk with elbow partners/neighbors to get ideas! Look online for ideas also!

USE ARROWS ALSO! Remember to indicate when a hyperlink is used what will happen? (If the visitor clicks this button/photo it will take them here etc)

These are examples of what you are creating!


We will work on this today AND tomorrow!


DO NOT RUSH! Think it through!

Your website MUST:

  • Have THREE (3) pages...no more, no less!

  • Each page MUST contain student gathered facts (ie. Interviews/research etc)…Information MUST be written by student and NOT copied from any source including online.

  • Contain hyperlinks to other sites with more information. (4-5 links minimum!)

  • Have a minimum of THREE (3) photos PER PAGE relevant to the selected topic*

  • Have at least TWO (2) embedded elements: Map, calendar, schedule, or video related to the topic

  • Contain a quiz/form with a minimum of FIVE (5) relevant questions related to the topic

*For this assignment the photos can be found online or taken by student outside of class (with permission of subject.) If student wishes to participate in Tournament of Technology, student photos will need to be taken ONLY by student.