Friday, October 8 :: TEAMWORK!


C: Voice Level 2 (only the people next to you can hear you and no shouting across the room)

H: Ask your team, elbow partner or raise hand

A: Work on the assignment

M: Stay in your assigned seat

P: Work till assignment is completed

S: Finishing your work

Please log in and check ATLAS...

then work on any missing assignments!

10 Minutes!!!

We will begin our project shortly.

Please have a seat!


Stack 'em Up!!

Stem Challenge Cup Stacking-CTjxkmZdVuQ-720p-1633559099564.mp4

Working in Teams of FOUR (4) to solve a problem!

Students will use a pre-created "tool" (a string and a rubber band)

Team members must work cooperatively to:

  • Pull their strings to expand the rubber band

  • Lower the rubber band around a cup

  • Release the string so that the rubber band grabs the cup

  • Pick up the cup to stack it


  • Students are problem solvers and we are going to start by asking you to solve a problem by working in a team to stack cups into a pyramid shape. Does it sound easy?

  • The trick is that you cannot touch the cups with your hands once the competition begins.

The Goal!!

  • The goal of the activity is to stack the cups into a pyramid shape.

  • Teams will (by hand) build a pyramid with the cups so you know what the finished product should look like.

  • Once the competition begins, teams cannot touch the cups with their hands and arms should not hover over the table!


  • Since you cannot touch the cup, how can the strings help with the task?

The Challenge??

  • Two teams will compete at a time. The winners will compete against each other!

  • Scatter the cups around the table. Rounds will be timed!

  • Remember! Arms must not extend over the table.

Follow up!!

  • How well did your team work together to stack the cups?

  • At what point did you feel like everyone was working together?

  • What would you do differently for the next time around?

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