September 15 :: P1• P3 • P5 September 16 :: P2• P4


C: CONVERSATION...Mute your mic when not speaking and have camera on as much as possible

H: HELP...Raise your hand by inserting the emoji and/or type“raise hand” in the chat

A: ACTIVITY...Work on the assignment/Complete tasks on time

M: MOVEMENT...Stay in the Teams meeting and be present (But don't forget to stretch and use eye safety tips!)

P: PARTICIPATION...Use thumbs up and thumbs down for a yes or no response. Answer questions in the chat area or verbally when appropriate.

S: SUCCESS...Succeed in a virtual space together.! ASSIGNMENT! (D,E & I Keys)


1. Log in to

2. Click Lessons

3. On Beginner Tab, Click Beginner: D, E and I Keys (this is due Friday, September 18): 10 Pts.

4. Begin Typing (Please DO NOT GO PAST THIS LESSON! It will RESET if you do!)

If you are finished or waiting, work on Clever!

  1. Students click on the Clever icon on the desktop

  2. Sign in using the username & password (same as logging into computer)

  3. Click on the square that says iReady

  4. Continue until time is up!

Lessons have been assigned to them based on their diagnostic test results both in Math and Reading. Within each lesson are brain break games. The district is pushing a goal of 45 minutes per week on Online Lessons in ELA and 45 minutes per week in Math to close the gaps found in the diagnostic. Math and ELA are providing some of that time during the week, but not all.

What is a Oranges?

A lesson using shortcuts in MicroSoft Word!

WHAT ARE WE LEARNING: The common keyboard shortcuts for most applications on the computer

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: These make you look like a wizard. Also they help you do tasks more quickly on the computer

HOW WILL MY TEACHER KNOW WHAT I LEARNED: You complete your notes and complete the assignment ORANGES using shortcuts in MicroSoft Word


Want to see more than one tab on your Chrome or Edge browser at once? Click Here!


Due on Friday, September 18 for 30 Points!

Open Oranges Document in the Assignment Oranges! in MicroSoft Teams (it is a MicroSoft Word Document)

  • Following the image below, using the shortcuts you know now, correct the “Oranges” poem.

  • You will cut and paste, highlight, center and check spelling etc.

  • You may use your short cuts notes to help guide you.

  • Please raise your "hand" for questions or ask myself or your classmates in the chat.

  • Note: DO NOT RETYPE THE ENTIRE POEM! This assignment is for shortcut usage! Also...Pay attention to how many lines the correct poem has etc!

When you are done, close the document and click TURN in on the top right corner of this assignment.

What page 1 should look like!

Right click image to open in a new tab if you would like to enlarge

What page 2 should look like!

Right click image to open in a new tab if you would like to enlarge

When you are done correcting your Oranges document in Teams:

  • Double check your work! Make sure it matches all of the above corrections!

  • Close the document

  • Click TURN IN

NOTE: This is worth 30 Points and you will TURN IN on Teams!!!

Did you miss the LIVE instructions? Watch the video below!!!