Class Rules

Introduction to Technology

Classroom Rules!

  • Food and drinks need to stay outside of class. Please put all items away COMPLETELY

  • Absolutely NO gum or candy is allowed

  • Student are to stay in assigned seats

  • Students are to complete assignments before games/free time (You will be instructed if there is free/game time)

  • Students are to stay at a voice level of TWO (2) or below

  • Violent video games are not to be played in class. No First Person Shooters

  • Music is allowed during independent work time but NO YouTube

  • You may come in to make up work as long as you are doing work in class. I will not stay after school if you choose to not do work in class.

  • You are responsible for all assignments even if you are absent.

  • If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy

  • If you are tardy, stop and use the restroom before coming to class

  • You MUST have your agenda to use the bathroom or go for water breaks