Take a screenshot!

Watch the video below for complete instructions! (or scroll down for more info!

Click on the WINDOWS ICON on the bottom left of your screen

  • Scroll down to find SNIP & SKETCH

  • Or Click the Magnifying Glass Search Icon (Next to the Windows Icon) and search "SNIP & SKETCH"

  • Click to open

TIP! you can also use the keyboard shortcut...

Windows + Shift + S!

But it only keeps a copy on the clipboard unless you click the program window when it opens!

Click the Button that reads NEW (or pull down for 3 or 10 second delay)

  • Click and drag over the section of screen you would like to "snip"

  • Click the SAVE ICON on the top right to save to your ONE DRIVE!

And that's it!

But I can't find the Snip & Sketch tool???!!!??

No worries! Here is how to use the SNIPPING tool!

"Snipping" tool

Using that same Magnifying Glass Search tool...Type "Snipping"

The SNIPPING TOOL should show up!

  • Click NEW

  • DO NOT try to download Snip & Sketch

  • Your screen should fade

  • Left click and pull you mouse over the image you want to "snip"

  • Then click the SAVE icon to save the image to your One Drive!